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Harreo Life Episodes

Harreo Life Episodes

I dug up a camera from the landfill and it is still working, with high definition. This means I am able to create my own Harreo Life Episodes. WOOF!

Everyday, my life is full of either boring dung or exciting adventures. I discover more and more treasures and I mark more and more territory. I either sleep all day or I meet new friends. A whole new world is waiting for me, and I will film it all, WOOF!

Wait, I smell something. Humans! There are humans nearby with a lot of love. Unconditional love! I hope they spare me a cookie. In return, I can help find their missing items. WOOF!

Harreo.com Launching

Harreo.com Launching

It is November 11. (11/11). The weather is good. Too good. But instead of going outside to play, I decided to stay home to build my website! The URL is Harreo.com but since you are reading this, you already know, WOOF!

Building a website is not as easy as dreaming or playing fetch. I have to look at all these words. I think I will have to take a good nap after all this. WOOF!

I should need several days to a few weeks to complete the website, but I will add the important and good stuff here first. I will probably dig up some good stuff my secret hole, or spy on the cats next door. I can film them doing weird stuff that I don’t understand! WOOF!

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! I will thank you from the heart. ♥ I will try my best to followback. WOOF!

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